The Factory

When I heard about a contest for cringe-worthy erotica, I could not help myself. So without further ado is my quick bite of hopefully hilarious erotica….. (if you don’t like obscure erotica about sausages or you are not 18. Now is the time to walk away)

It was midnight, and yet again I was outside of the sausage factory. I know I needed to stop, but I just couldn’t. The feel of all those hot wet sausages rubbing against my naked skin was too much of a siren call to my throbbing vagina.

I climbed in the window that the guard always left open for me. Her only requirement was that she could watch, but we both know I would be begging for her meaty fingers. What did I care, so long as I was stuffed before the night was over?

Instantly the smell overwhelmed my senses and I began ripping my clothes off as I ran to the conveyor belt. Quickly grabbing all the sausages I could and shoving them down my throat; I gagged on the stuffed meat popsicles. I could hear the guard walk up, but I did not care. I was surrounded by hundreds of my precious love sausages. Nothing could fuck with my bliss. I rolled around covering my body in sweet sausage juice and began shoving the very plump sausages up my snatch.

“Sweet and holy god of stuffed meat. Fill me up!” I shouted into the universe. And then the deli section god answered me and the guard stepped up and began to fill all my holes up until I could not move. Bliss overcame me and I passed out cumming in a world made of Peta nightmares.

I awoke dressed in my office and looked out the window to the factory floor. My factory of sexy deviant sausages. Telling myself that it had to be over. I could not keep doing this to myself. I was the boss, damn it. But, deep down, I knew I would be back tonight for more.