Consumed- Part 7

Rebecca left the kids on the dock and went back inside, presumably to call Elizabeth. An awkward silence filled the air as Rebecca walked away. So much had changed in the past five minutes and all of it centered on Taylor. Cartwright was the first to break.


“So, you have gay moms. Someone could have told me to avoid that awkward moment.”


“Sorry, Cartwright. I should have said something when we got to my house. It’s just that, well, I am not that great at talking about myself or my life. I tend to just halfway tell my stories.”


“It’s not just your fault. I mean Dylan talked about you all night last night after he left your house and didn’t bother to say anything either.” Cartwright crossed his arms and looked away. Clearly pissed.


“Look, it wasn’t my story to tell. Besides Elizabeth has worked at our school for as long as I can remember, except for the past two years, and everyone at school knows. I figured you did too.”


“I just moved here last year. Or did you forget that small fact.” Clearly, Dylan was going to have to up his apology if he was going to get out of this hole.


“But, see to me it as if you have always been a part of my life. So, I forget you weren’t always here.” Dylan reaches over and wraps himself around his boyfriend and starts to kiss his forehead. Cartwright can’t help but look up at him. Those eyes would be the death of him.


“Fine. I forgive you. This time. But, you are doing your own math homework this week.” At this point, Taylor was laughing hysterically.


“I think I might throw up glitter over here from all the gay cuteness of you too. I mean really Dylan you are so whipped. I would say it was pathetic if you two weren’t so damn cute.” Taylor looked at her phone. Telling herself it was just to check the time, but she knew really she wanted to see if anyone from Seattle had messaged her. Nothing but the time on her lock screen.


“I need to see who is picking up Kate from school and at some point, we need to take Cartwright back  to his car.”


“Oh don’t worry about that Tay, he is staying for dinner at my place.”


“I am, huh?” Cartwright raised his eyebrow and glared at the boy. Dylan nuzzled into the boy’s neck making Cartwright close his eyes and let out a soft whimper.


“Yes. You are,” Dylan whispered in his ear.  Taylor clearly realizing where this was going decided she should probably go get Kate.


“Why don’t you guys go to Dylan’s house? I should go get my sister.”


“Are you sure, Tay? We could go get Kate with you.”


“No, it’s ok. My mom really wants me to try and get used to picking her up as a way to get closer to her.” Dylan turns to Cartwright.


“Why don’t we just walk around the house, so we don’t have to talk to Rebecca again?” Taylor interrupts.


“This is a first. You avoiding my mom instead of looking for an excuse to hit on her before you leave.” Cartwright laughs.


“Maybe I should go and say thank you to her for not calling my parents and that would give you a chance to hit on her before we leave? Wouldn’t want to deprive you of that.”


“You think you are going to get a laugh at my expense. I don’t think so, let’s go inside and find Becky.” Dylan smirks as he walks towards the house.

Taylor looked at the turn her life had taken and for the first time in a long time was starting to let herself feel happy. The drive to Pennington Middle school was peaceful. Taylor softly played her favorite album and rolled her window down letting the air roll through her car. Kate was once again sitting on the curb alone. This time she noticed Taylor’s car and stood up and walked over.


“Hey, Kate. How was school today?”


“S’ok.” Kate sat quietly fumbling with the edges of her shirt in her hand. Kate was even shorter than Taylor. Barely making 4’11”. She kept her brown curly hair short and framed around her chin. She didn’t look like Taylor or their mother Rebecca. She had smaller features and hazel eyes that appeared to change color depending on what she wore. In Seattle, Kate wore long sleeves everywhere to cover the scars on her arms, but here it was a sweltering 95 degrees even at midnight. She had to get creative to cover them, so she wore a brown leather wrist cuff that was about 3 inches wide.


“Are you liking Pennington? It’s weird that you aren’t at back at Centennial with me.” Kate took a deep breath.


“The teachers are nice enough. I like that no one knows me here. There isn’t as much pressure.”


“Yeah, I could see that. But, you know Centennial isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. If you ever change your mind. I know Dylan would love to see you there.” Kate looked up and almost smiled.


“Why are you talking to him again?”


“Well, we talked about everything that happened. There were some things going on I didn’t know about at the time and we have decided to make a fresh start. Speaking of which. He asked me if you wanted to go fishing with him this weekend. Like old times.”


“I don’t know… I guess so. I mean I think that could be fun.”


“Great! He will be excited. He adores you. So, do you want to hear about how I got in trouble with mom today?” Taylor knew how much Kate loved hearing about Taylor’s escapades. Kate’s face lit up.


“Yes!” Taylor recounted most of the story to her sister, leaving out the details about Cartwright and Dylan’s relationship. Not knowing if it was her business to share or not. Taylor thought to herself that maybe picking up her sister every day was going to be a good thing for both of them.