Consumed – LGBT+ YA Short Story- Part 1

Taylor rushed through the halls, making certain to avoid brushing into anyone she didn’t want to recognize her. Sure, her hair was longer and she was taller, but for all intents and purposes she looked exactly the same. She had messy brown hair, which meant it did nothing that it was supposed to, and she was rather short- only reaching 5’ 2’’. Frankly, everyone was surprised she was that tall, as she had always been a very small child. Maybe if she colored her hair or found a way to cover her chocolate brown eyes… But what would be the point? By the end of the day everyone would know she was back. She finally made it through the hall and out of the large glass doors. The sun flashed brightly as she grimaced and looked down to avoid the harsh light. Taking a deep breath, she leaned against the brick building and wondered how the hell she ended up back here.

Three years ago her parents had moved for a lucrative job promotion. Knowing that they would not be back had been a relief at the time, but her younger sister had been devastated. Kate had become more depressed each day, and the family was left with little choice but to move back to Louisiana. Her parents waited until the last minute to tell her they were moving back and that they would be staying with her very religious grandfather. What was wrong with all of them? Seattle had been amazing. Screw all of them. If she could just survive the last year of high school, she could move back to Seattle and back to her real life. Everyone thought she was angry with her sister, but truthfully, she couldn’t stay mad at her. She was her little sister. Of course, she wasn’t going to let anyone know that and planned to continue to throw a fit every night. Maybe not the most mature of plans, but if you can’t be immature when you are eighteen, when can you?



The first day back at her old school was going to be a nightmare, she just knew it. When she left Louisiana the summer before freshman year, she walked away from her best friend and cheating boyfriend and didn’t look back. The last day of school she caught Katherine making out with Dylan in an empty classroom. Stunned, she ran down the hall and hid in the bathroom on the third floor, hoping no one would hear her cry. She had no idea what had become of them and was not in any hurry to find out. Maybe she could show up to school drunk and they would send her home? Ok, that was a terrible idea, but anything to get out of walking into that first class had to be better than the torture of the stares that would certainly come her way. She glanced down at the crumpled, rolled up schedule in her hand one more time, hoping that it would just disappear.

Her first class was AP art. She had thrown herself into the art scene in Seattle and fell in love with more than just art. She began taking every art class she could find and volunteering at the contemporary art museum every chance she got. That was where she met Hayley.

Hayley had been a freshman at the Art Institute in Seattle and from the first time they locked eyes, Taylor was entranced. Installing the exhibitions was Hayley’s favorite part of being an artist, and she was incredible at it. She had this ability to see all the art in the space in ways that not even the director could envision. This led to many arguments with the director of the gallery. Sometimes Hayley won, sometimes she didn’t. Taylor loved watching her argue with the director. Her long curly hair would bounce off her waving arms, giving the illusion that she had extra limbs. Hayley had dark black curly hair that fell to the middle of her back and piercing green eyes. Each month Hayley would add different colors throughout depending on her mood. Everyone knew to stay clear when she went back to all black hair. Taylor knew that she was way too young for Hayley, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t dream, did it?

All of those dreams were destroyed when she was ripped from her life and back into this hell hole.

As the bell rang, Taylor pushed the thought of Hayley out of her mind. She grabbed her back pack and pushed the door open holding her breath.