They always used to ask me

Is that a woman or man

when my dates would step away

I used to just answer:

she’s a woman


but I have come to think

I should start saying:

does it matter?

Why are we so obsessed

with genitals we will never see?

Why do we feel that





of someone’s life

we deserve to know?

In a world where privacy is


freely being given away

by everyone

the pressure is


to just show the world

every aspect of your




every wound you have ever had

every thought you dared to think

and the consequences for

stepping out of line

are rising

you risk being outcast

in the digital world

and left alone

in the real world

just you and mother nature

in silence



But imagine

wandering the real world

and finding someone else

who has left the digital age

who would not care

What was under your clothes

or what you ate for dinner

but in fact

simply cared about