Consumed Part 12

Monday rolled around and Taylor was not at all interested in going to school. She contemplated skipping, but knew Elizabeth would know almost immediately. How was she supposed to make it through her last year of high school? Luckily Rebecca walked in with coffee. Taylor reached up for the coffee as she scooted to sit … Continue reading Consumed Part 12

This is my Face

This is my face. And there is nothing wrong with it. What color my hair is and how long my eyelashes are, do not denote anything about my character. Why does society expect women to wear makeup? And why have women agreed? Apparently, I am not professional without it. Yet men are not professional with … Continue reading This is my Face

Consumed Part 11

All three of them cleaned up the kitchen and put the extra pizza in the fridge.   “Hey, do Y'all want a root beer float?”   “Babe that would be amazing.” Dylan leaned over the counter his shirt stretching to expose his muscular stomach. Cartwright gulped as he stared at his boyfriend.   “I would … Continue reading Consumed Part 11


They teach us that other is bad They teach us that everywhere else is terrifying They teach us that everywhere else is dangerous They teach us to hate They teach us to overreact to simple things They teach us to under-react to big things Sit down Shut up Do as you are told They teach … Continue reading Other


Women are always fighting other women Tearing each other to pieces over nothing While the men sit back and laugh We should be supporting each other banded together to fight the patriarchy And Yet We sneer at the clothes she was wearing We sneer at the food she fed her kids We sneer at how … Continue reading Women